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About re-transportation FIC Logistics know more

Specializes in re-exports third-party transport (third-country trade quotas) business, according to the requirements of the guests , we entirety provide exports of goods transport , logistics operations and related technical processes. Shenzhen Sunpower Logistics Co., Ltd. has cooperation with local factories in Indonesia, Bangladesh Gala, Myanmar, Malaysia and South Korea, offering appropriate support services for customers and provide original certificate issued by the Some third country . Document the role of third countries: the way to take transit exports, quota-free, to avoid anti-dumping duties, tariffs destination: FIRST . certificate of origin issued by third countries of products: apparel (clothing), shoes, hats, cloth, plastic, ceramic tiles, ceramic system Products, television sets, lighting (excluding light bulbs) and bicycles accessories. These products are limited to Chinese exports, or transit in Singapore or Malaysia (Malay documents only), as well as Dubai, United Arab Emirates transit (do in the Middle East), the port of destination in the United States, the European Union countries, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina needs to be done, and other third-country national and regional papers. SECEND, trans-ports: Singapore (PSA PORT) / Port Klang, Malaysia.We have the cooperant local agents operate these arrangements.Such as transloading the cargos and customs declaration… THIRD . Export documents issued by the State: Malaysia / Indonesia / Bangladesh / the Middle East with our factories produce or FORMA C / O, BV-CDV, provement (+ report of the production capacity of the report), KII, 1 / V, P / K and other documents. FORTH. Uses: The number of "Made in China" products in the European Union, the United States, Central and South America and other countries, most of them have been "quota" , "anti-dumping Off "," special protection "and" restrictions. "Issued by third countries can export documents to facilitate their clearance importers, to avoid" anti-dumping "tariffs. Malaysia, we have a preference for Indonesia ,Bangladesh and foreign guests ; Bangladesh, guests in European Union can enjoy the Free Duty. FIVE . The premise: domestic exporters and foreign importers have to reach a tacit understanding that a third country can be evidence .that is ,Importers to accept third-country export documents as a condition of payment, at the same time a third country to export documents as part of their clearance documents to reduce tariffs. SIX. Product packaging requirements: No "made in China" logo, NO "like products licensing." the outer regions, different requirements. Net Neutral packaging is accepted in most countries in Europe , and the United States is reqiered to mark origin. (Issued by C / O State) Instructions: 1. Third-country export document issued by the State: Malaysia / Indonesia / Bangladesh / Middle East and other documents, the embassy can handle documents for endorsement. 2. The first Chinese-Malay to West Asia and Singapore,second interim cabinet to the United States, the European Union, Mexico, Turkey, Venezuela, South Africa and South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina. 3. The original document issued in one week after the second leg sailing, the agreement fees can pay after confirmation

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Contact person: Judy Yang
Position: Менеджер по продажам
E-mail: cs-manager@fic-logistics.com
Phone: +86 (755) 8237 3633
Mobile phone: +86 (755) 8237 3633


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Экспедитор FIC Logistics Group Company Limited
[Реюньон, Shenzhen]

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